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Blanka is a half-Polish, half-Bulgarian artist who has had an international journey to stardom.

After writing her first song at the age of 14 while living in the Polish city of Szczecin, Blanka knew she wanted to be a popstar, and so headed to the USA with her mother, and put down roots stateside for the next 4 years.

The songstress polished her performance skills by taking to open mic sessions across Los Angeles and New York with a guitar under her arm and her voice primed. One of those venues was The Bitter End, the club where Lady Gaga launched her career.

Blanka’s favourite video game character is… Blanka (from Street Fighter II)!


Viki Gabor – German-born Polish singer who represented her country on home soil in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Gilwice – Silesia with the song “Superhero”, giving the country its second win and making it the first to win the junior version of the Contest twice in a row..


LemON is a Polish-Ukrainian band founded in 2011 by singer Igor Herbut. The name is a combination of “Lemko,” a Ukrainian ethnic minority inhabiting a stretch of the Polish Carpathian Mountains known as Lemkivshchyna, and the English word “on.”

Herbut, born December 17, 1990 in Przemkow, Poland, studied at the University of Zielona Gora with a specialization in vocal jazz and stage music. After he and his cousin, Adam Horoszczakiem, qualified for the Polish Must Be the Music talent show with only a classical guitar, Herbut called Ukrainian violinist Andrzej Olejnik, drummer Peter Budniak, and bassist Piotr Kołacza, who he’d known from an earlier project. The group played for the first time together during casting but eventually won the competition.

LemON immediately after began recording their self-titled debut album, and performed in the June 2012 Sopot TOPTrendy Festival. In 2013, the band was nominated for a Fryderyk in the Best Debut category. That same year, the Eska Music Awards nominated LemON for Best New Artist, Best Group, Best Album, and Best Hit for the song “Fix.” They only won the Best Album category.

At the end of 2014, LemON released their second album, Scarlett, and has since released two more: a Christmas album, Etudie zimowa (“Winter Study”) and Tu (“Your”).


Michał Szpak – Polish singer who found fame on the first series of the Polish X Factor in 2011. On 5 June 2011 Szpak and Alexandra Burke sang “Hallelujah” during the final. On 12 May 2016, Szpak represented Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden with the song “Color of Your Life”.