August 26, 2023, 16:00
Białystok Puppet Theater, 1 Kalinowskiego Street
free admission


The year 2023 was announced as the year of Jerzy Nowosielski, one of the greatest Polish painters of the 20th century, a philosopher and art theoretician. In Artur Dutkiewicz’s project NOWOSIELSKI Audiovisual, the artist’s painting is an inspiration to present contemplative pieces composed for a jazz trio: piano, double bass and percussion, combining elements of improvised, contemporary, classical and jazz music. In turn, the musical inspiration was the work of masters from the circle of Polish and world broadly understood contemplative music.
The concert will be accompanied by collages and visualizations with fragments of Jerzy Nowosielski’s paintings in the form of large-format video projections created “live” by the visual artist Andrzej Wąsik.
The combination of the presentation of the painter’s works with contemplative music creates a unique audiovisual mystery.