38. Jesień z Bluesem, the oldest and one of the most popular blues festivals in Poland, organized by the Białystok Culture Center, will take place from November 23 to 26, 2023!


Ryszard “Skiba” Skibiński, the frontman of the Kasa Chorych, was behind its creation. This year, June 4 marked 40 years since his repose. It was the determination of “Skiba” that made the festival actually happen and took place for the first time in November 1978. Concerts were then held at the Sepularium club, Promenada and the KRĄG Entertainment Club. In the following years, blues was heard, among others, in the philharmonic hall and theater, and later – permanently – at the Forum and Fama. Let us remind you that during the first Autumn the following bands performed: Kasa Chorych, Irjan, Martyna Jakubowicz, Michał Łuszczyński and Mr. Olek Country Band.

After the 11th edition of the festival, in 1988, the event was put on hiatus. It was reactivated in 1996 and since then – with the exception of 2020 when it was canceled due to the pandemic – it has been held regularly.

The several-day musical event always takes place in November, always gathering crowds of blues fans not only from Białystok, but also from all over the country. You can hear there acoustic blues, electric blues, blues-rock, gospel, boogie, jump and swinging rhythm’n’blues.

Autumn with Blues is not only about music. Photographic exhibitions, film screenings and meetings are also organized, and from the town hall tower you can hear the blues bugle call, created by musician and harmonica player Tomek Kamiński.

See you in November in Białystok! More information – soon.