Anastazja (Paulina Pytlak) is 20 years old, addicted to comics, hot chocolate and in love with the boy next door. If she could, she would take him on a date or to the end of the world. Unfortunately, these are just dreams, because she has been confined to a wheelchair since childhood and communicates with her surroundings using special software. Despite all the limitations, Nastka does not lose her cheerfulness and infects everyone with her optimism. She has the best relationship with her older sister Łucja (Joanna Drabik) – a rising star of the National Balle. Anastazja is raised by her father, Poldek (Tomasz Sapryk). Soon, the lives of all three will enter a new stage when their feisty neighbor from across the street – Józefina (Kinga Preis) – knocks on their door. Thanks to her, Anastazja and her loved ones will discover the joy of life, get to know themselves again, and at the same time come face to face with a family mystery that has been waiting to be solved for too long.