August 11, 2023, 19:15
Assumption BVM Cathedral Basilica in Białystok, 2 Kościelna Street
tickets: 15 PLN, available at the BCC and Ludwik Zamenhof Center box offices, on and and the venue half an hour before the start (cash only)


An excellent soloist and chamber musician. In 1982, as a 14–year– old, he graduated from the Seminary of Zahle in Copenhagen. He was a student of Carl Riess. He obtained a diploma at the Danish Royal Academy of Music.

In 1992, he moved to Paris, where he studied piano (Christine Paraschos), improvisation (Pierre Cogen) and organ (Susan Landale). In 1995, the jury unanimously awarded him the first prize “Prix de Virtuosité à l’Unanimité + Félicitations”. Since then, he has been a soloist at home and abroad. He takes part in international organ festivals. In 2010, Jakob Lorentzen created a duet with his wife, soprano Monica Stevns. In addition, he collaborates with Ars Nova Copenhagen vocal ensemble and Mogens Dahl chamber choir.

His many awards include the Schröders Music Award and the Queen Ingrid’s Memorial Medal.

Jakob Lorentzen was an organist at the Danish Church in Paris. Now he is the titular organist at Holmens Kirke (Royal Navy church in Copenhagen) and holds the title of castle organist at Christiansborg in Copenhagen.