July 30, 2023, 18:00
Italian Pavilion of the Branicki Palace
free admission

Fragile is not an accidental meeting of two friends and artists: Jolanta Kossakowska (Mosaik) and Gwidon Cybulski (Gadająca Tykwa, Wielbłądy).

One autumn evening, the musicians ran into each other at an intimate vernissage and played a concert. The spontaneous performance was part of Gwidon’s idea to create music about what is fragile and delicate, and often forgotten, about us.

The key to the selection of Fragile’s repertoire is the theme and atmosphere of the songs. The inspiration is melancholic melodies and songs from Mazovia and West Africa. The duo’s compositions are dialogues for the violin and West African ngoni, it is a duet that sings longing for the endless savannah.