We have the pleasure of inviting you to the presentation of 3 short dance performances! 3 premieres, 3 choreographers, 3 productions carried out as part of the Białystok Art Spaces program:

choreography: Dajana Chwesińska

“What from What”
choreography:  Julia Dondziło

“Privacy Unknown”
choreography: Edyta Szachniewicz

October 4, 2023, 18:00
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
tickets: 20 PLN, available on bilety24.pl only


A solo performance inspired by the concept of incoherent coherence as the inconsistency of the effort invested in relation to the undertaken goal, the state of synthesis of thought and body; sense of coherence as the belief in the predictability of the world and one’s own situation in life, and the fact that the heart has its own nervous system that allows learning, remembering and making decisions independently of the brain.

What from What
The starting point for the performance is, among others, Descartes’ philosophy and his psychophysical approach to the mind-body relationship. Although he emphasized the dualism of two components of man, he noted that the body can change what is happening in the mind, and the mind can change what is happening in the body. So do our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health?

Privacy Unknown
Modern technological progress and the pursuit of continuous development constantly open up new opportunities for humanity. However, alongside these opportunities, threats are generated just as quickly. Obtaining information in the modern world allows for rapid, multi-faceted growth, but at the same time it violates the privacy and individualism of individuals. Where is the line between what is ours and what we give to the world? And is what we give away voluntarily? Is freedom of choice currently only apparent or is it possible to fully protect one’s borders? What does privacy mean and are we even aware of this value?