Sinjoro Krokodilo card game

SINJORO KROKODILO card game( Mr. Crocodile) is inspired by the game Black Peter and is intended for children from 4 years of age and adults. The game develops perceptiveness and teaches social behavior. It also has an educational value – it popularizes the figure of Ludwik Zamenhof, the initiator of the international language Esperanto.

“Sinjoro Krokodilo” is a humorous term for someone who uses a language other than Esperanto among Esperantists.

The game consists of 37 cards depicting characters important to the Esperanto movement. The author of the illustrations is Magdalena Płońska, a graphic designer of the Białystok Cultural Center.

The cards include portraits of Ludwik Zamenhof, his wife, children and siblings who were active in the Esperanto movement, and those who continued his work, including Antoni Grabowski or Leo Belmont. Thanks to the instructions included with the game, you will be able to learn more about the profiles of these characters.

The game is published in three language versions: Polish, English and Esperanto.

Available for PLN 15 at the Forum cinema’s box office (5 Legionowa St.) and Ludwik Zamenhof Center’s box office (19 Warszawska St.).


fot. Jerzy Barańczuk

fot. Jerzy Barańczuk


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