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16 January 2017

LZC’ publications prior to 2017

Publications of the Ludwik Zamenhof Center since the creation until 2017

30 December 2015

Jozef Kotowicz: Bach, Buxtehude, Bruhns

Album realased by Bialystok Cultural Centre on 20th anniversary of Podlaskie Koncerty Organowe. The organ plays Jozef Kotowicz, on concert programm among others: Nicolas Bruhns - "Preludium i fuga fis-moll BuxWv 146", J. S. Bach - "II Sonata c-moll BWV 526" ("Vivace", "Largo", "Allegro"); "Toccata, Adagio i C-dur BWV 564"...

20 December 2015

The 40th Anniversary of Bialystok Cultural Centre

Publication financed from Bialystok City budget appeared in December 2015 on the 40th Anniversary of Bialystok Cultural Centre. Bialystok Cultural Centre is turning 40 years in 2015. Publication summarizes the activities of the institution, presents changes, describes the main events... and all of it in memories of employees and friends...

19 November 2015

“XXX Jesien z Bluesem”

DVD album „XXX Jesień z Bluesem” realized by Bialystok Cultural Centre in 2015 during 31st edition of Autumn with the Blues was financed from the budget of Bialystok City. More information:

4 September 2015

The Route of Jewish Heritage – trails with questions

During festival the Rise of Eastern Culture / Another Dimension were realized two trails based on the Route of Jewish Heritage in Bialystok: – biography – cultural Organizers: Bialystok Cultural Centre, Fundacja Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku Materials: CULTURAL TRAIL BIOGRAPHY TRAIL Photo: Tomasz Pienicki

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