23 December 2019

Christmas break at the Białystok Cultural Center

How do we work on holidays?

8 December 2019

Winners of the 14th ŻUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival

The jury and the audience decided: Rafał Łysak's "Unconditional Love" is a double winner of this year's festival!

29 October 2019

ŻUBROFFKA Festival – Selection 2019

The films qualified to eight competitions at this year's ŻUBROFFKA festival are known!

3 June 2019

Witness to History’s Day

Thank you for this extraordinary lesson of life that your memories are

18 April 2019

Easter break in the BCC

Find out how we work on holidays

1 March 2019

Film submissions to ŻUBROFFKA 2019

We want more!

29 January 2019

Elżbieta Puczyńska named the Blues Personality of the Year!

Readers of the quarterly "Twój Blues" voted for the most important blues events and figures of 2018

19 December 2018

Days off at the BCC

Holiday season at the BCC

9 December 2018

The Laureates of the 13th edition of the Żubroffka festival

109 films have been fighting for the awards in eight competition categories

26 November 2018

Białystok Senior Citizens triumphing at the Senior Movie Film Festival

"Mam tutaj przeszłość i teraźniejszość" shot at the last year's ŻUBROFFKA won the first prize at the Senior Movie Film Festival in Gdynia!