Location: Fama Club

Swing Republic

Swing Republic Swing Republic Swing Republic its a project of Danish Producer Per Ebdrup created together with a vocal talented Karina Kappel. Per began remixing the swing music that he loved incorporating modern beats. This gave birth to a totally new sound and style. Debut album "Electro swing Republic" appeared in 2011...


Canada Canada and Yellowstone according to Paulina and Maciek Sawicki Paulina and Maciek Sawicki travelled almost 3000 km about North America in 14 days.  From Seattle through Vancouver and Rocky Mountains in Canada to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone in USA. They will tell about their journey on January 12th in...


Japan Marcin Lenkiewicz will tell about his stay in Japan. He will take us into a journey to traditional and today Japan in view of Christmas and New Year's customs.  
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