ŻUBROFFKA – Competition Independent

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a competition screening within the ŻUBROFFKA Festival


December 5th, 2018, godz. 6.30 PM
Camera Cafe, 14/11 Lipowa Street

December 7th, 2018, 8 PM
Forum Cinema, 5 Legionowa Street

Screening schedule:
Krzyżoki, reż./dir. Anna Gawlita, Polska/Poland 2018, 20’
III, reż./dir. Marta Pajek, Polska/Poland 2018, 12’
Sen Leocadii, reż./dir. Krzysztof Nowicki, Polska/Poland 2017, 18’
1410, reż./dir. Damian Kocur, Polska/Poland 2018, 28’
Gość/The Guest, reż./dir. Sebastian Weber, Polska/Poland 2018, 30’
Colaholic, reż./dir. Marcin Podolec, Polska/Poland 2018, 11’

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director: Marta Pajek
director of photography: Marta Pajek
music: Aleksandra Gryka
Poland 2018, 12’

The third part of the “Figury niemożliwe i inne historie” triptych. A woman and a man meet in a waiting room and bond instantly. He helps her to remove her fur, she’s naked underneath. So starts the game of mutual seduction and exposure, which becomes more and more brutal with time. “III” is the portrait of a woman in an exhausting relationship with a man, one which equally attracts and repels.

director: Damian Kocur
director of photography: Damian Kocur
Poland 2018, 28’

The year is 1410 and one of the greatest battles of Medieval Europe is approaching. The tensions between the Kingdom of Poland and the Teutonic Order reach their peak. A knight and his squire respond to King Władysław Jagiełło’s call and cross the Polish lands to arrive at the fields of Grunwald. Humour is interwoven with history, social commentary and the tale of… Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

director: Marcin Podolec
director of photography: Marcin Podolec
music: Rafał Samborski, Piotr Markowicz
Poland 2018, 11’

A diary of a person consuming far too much… sweet carbonated drinks. A documentary and an romantic comedy in one.

The Guest
director: Sebastian Weber
director of photography: Sebastian Weber
Poland 2018, 30’

The life of a farmer named Wojtek and his next-door neighbours as seen through the eyes of a Swiss director. Ever since he was a child, Wojtek has been working on the farm, not losing his joy of life, warmth, and sense of humour. His grand house is always open to guests thirsty for companion and friends looking for help. One guest is Paweł, an alcohol addict and a homeless man. Wojtek tries to take care of him.

director: Anna Gawlita
director of photography: Tomasz Wolski
music: Michał Górczyński
Poland 2018, 20’

Easter Sunday celebrations are in progress somewhere near Opole. Although there are almost no horses left in the village, the farmers rent them to embark on the traditional border tour of the fields around the village, one taking many hours. On their way the villagers pray and sing pious songs. When they stop – they rest, eat and drink alcohol. Tiredness and inebriation mix with religious exultation. Sacrum and profanum in one.

Sen Leocadii
director: Krzysztof Nowicki
director of photography: Xavier Casas
music: Julita Hoffmann
Poland 2017, 18’

Leocadia, the main character, has been running a small family music shop on Las Ramblas for many decades. The camera observes the last, very difficult, months of her work as her shop is to be closed down. The shop sells classical music albums on vinyl. She begins to throw away her old records, leaving them on benches along Las Ramblas as she takes her beloved little dog for a walk. By leaving the records, she leaves traces of her past behind.

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