Winter Action 2018

We have the pleasure of inviting children to participate in our Winter Action 2018.


January 23rd, 10 AM, Forum Cinema
film: Merry Christmas Mr. Andersen, tickets: 7 PLN

Alf Prøysen’s classic tale tells the story about the Christmas-loving carpenter struggling with making his three children in believing in Santa Clause, when he swap places with him on Christmas eve, to make a Christmas like no other.

January 24th, 10 AM, Fama Club
master classes: Arts Variations – Winter Card, tickets: 5 PLN

Age: 6+
Duration: 120 min
Host: Aneta Filipowicz

Goals of the workshops:

  • Developing children’s imagination and enriching their creative activity
  • Learning about new art techniques – scrapbooking and quilling
  • Learning about using specific tools and materials


January 25th, 10 AM, Forum Cinema
film: Paw, tickets: 7 PLN

A tale inspired by a legendary hero dog – Inspired by true events, Paw is a story about a rescue dog and his equally gifted trainer, who together overcome both internal and external obstacles to achieve international fame, success, and fulfilment. Zoli, a tram engineer, comes to see the curative role his volunteer rescue work plays in his desire to help others. Paw’s gift for search and rescue work, under the gifted guidance of Zoli’s training, brings them both to the calling and accomplishments that will define them both: as a rescue team. Zoli’s further challenge is to open his heart to Eszter, whom he loves, but almost loses. PAW is not an action-driven film; it is a sweet, emotional striptease by ordinary people who achieve heroic levels, day by day. The use of brief animated sequences gives the film a light, humorous and otherworldly touch.

January 26th, 10 AM, Forum Cinema
Winter Karaoke, free entry

Duration: 120 min

January 29th, 10 AM, Forum Cinema
theatrical performance: The Snow Queen – Nemno Theatre, tickets: 5 PLN

Director: Henryk Hryniewicki
Stage design: Dagmara Jemioła-Hryniewicka
Music: Marek Papaj

A malicious wizard constructed a mirror, in which everything good and nice melted into nothing, and what was ugly appeared clearly and became even uglier. One day the mirror burst and crumbled into millions of glass fragments that floated in the air. When such a shard fell into someone’s heart, it became like a piece of ice. Come and listen to what happened once in a small town…

January 30th, 10 AM, Forum Cinema
film: Casper and Emma Go Hiking, tickets: 7 PLN

During autumn holidays Casper and Emma are going on an exciting camping adventure in the Norwegian wilderness, but when Casper plays mr. matchmaker there is bound to be trouble!

January 31st,10 AM, Fama Club
master classes: Paper Abstractions, bilet: 5 zł (ilość miejsc ograniczona)

Age: 6+
Duration: 120 min

February 1st, 10 AM, Forum Cinema
film: Little Grey Fergie, tickets: 7 PLN

Meet Fergie. The little grey tractor with a secret – he’s alive!Little Grey Fergie is a world of stories and activities for kids aged 3-6. Fergie’s online home is a place for kids and grown-ups to watch videos and play together.

February 2nd, 10 AM, Fama Club
Disco, free entry

Tickets for all the events within the Winter Cation 2018:
Forum Cinema’s box office (tel. +48 85 746 13 20), 5 Legionowa Street, website:


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