Wandering Puppet Theatre Małe Mi – Joanna.Johanna. Johanan

We invite you to a performance within the 32nd Modern Art Days Festival:

Wandering Puppet Theatre Małe Mi

Forum Cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
May 24th, 2017
for the audience over the age of 12

After the performance, Olga Gordiejew will lead a meeting with the artists

After the World War II, new residents are moving into a Lower Silesian village. In a house that formerly belonged to Germans they discover precious objects that belonged to the former inhabitants, among them – a beautiful doll. Who was its owner? What were their fates?

Johanna is a porcelain doll, a mute witness to the story of three girls, who never met each other. Hela, Lisa, and Sara come from different times and backgrounds. Nationality, wealth, and character makes them different. A beautiful doll, good children’s hearts, and experiencing war, fear, and persecution unite them.

Performance accompanied with live music. Improviser and avant-gardist Jacek Mazurkiewicz assembles the sounds together basing on emotional impressions. Combining acoustic music with electronics he looks for new sounds.

script: Krystyna Chołoniewska (published and awarded by the Children’s Art Centre in Poznań)

direction: team
cast: Sława Tarkowska, Małgorzata Przędzak, Graża Wielgus
puppets: Paulina Kara
lighting: Michał Strokowski
live music: Jacek Mazurkiewicz


fot. Michał Strokowski

fot. Michał Strokowski

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