Uszyty Theatre: Soup from a Tin Mug

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a performance for children within the Action Summer 2019:

Uszyty Theatre: Soup from a Tin Mug

July 11th, 10 AM
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
tickets: 8 PLN, available at the Forum cinema’s box office (5 Legionowa Street), BCC/LZC’ box office (19 Warszawska Street) and on

Two pirates Emma and Slim Joe go to a deserted island. Their ship sank with the entire crew. They try to get out of the island at all costs, but it’s not easy. Joe’s somehow trying to make Emma laugh. He creates a theatre from found objects and various types of props, presents a sea version of the Red Riding Hood, in which the wolf is the Sea Wolf,. Will they be able to get out of the island? How will their adventure end? What will they find in the found bottle?



Zupka z blaszanego kubka
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