Extensive, richly illustrated book about what was worn in Białystok in 1939-1959. In this publication, fashion has become a pretext to show the war and post-war history of Białystok from the point of view of an ordinary man, an extran on the stage of history. It illustrates not only the changing style trends, but also the social changes that have taken place in our city due to the loss of half of the inhabitants and the arrival of new ones from nearby villages, towns or from the Grodno region. It shows their way of spending free time, tastes, entertainment and aspirations. It was they who brought a new identity that contributed to a radical change in the cultural identity of Białystok.

The book contains over 400 photographs, largely taken from the LZC Media Library and private collectors, with particular emphasis on the collection of Mieczysław Marczak. The illustrative material is supplemented with photos of preserved authentic clothes from that era.