Trust Me project

ŻUBROFFKA festival, in cooperation with Uppsala International Short Film Festival and VIS Vienna Shorts, will ask the audience for trust.

Trust is a basic concept that determines interpersonal relationships – private and social. It is also a significant and often used term in today’s world. According to curators and film coordinators, who have prepared three special film programs and discussions, the international project aims to draw attention to the growing problem of distrust, because it is a cause of many other problems and crises in today’s world.

The film programs focus on the topic of trust and, in principle, distrust towards decision makers, elites and the mass media in Europe, who have ceased to be credible. In times of popularity of extremism and media madness combined with the lack of a reliable information system, people stop believing each other. The question arises: how and whom can you trust?

We will try to analyze and discuss the condition of trust and its absence on the example of the presented films, looking at how the filmmakers from around the world approach this subject.

Screenings and meetings have already taken place in Vienna and Uppsala, now it’s time for Bialystok.


Trust Me: Generations. At the Crossroads

December 6th, 2017, 11 AM
Białystok / High School No. 6 – Reading Room, 8 Warszawska Street
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December 7th, 2017, 6 PM
Łomża / Hign School No. 2, 3 Kościuszki Square
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Each generation understands the world in their own way and younger generations in particular want to make big changes. The need for change makes the world such a fascinating place to live. It also poses questions and reveals problems that must be discussed. Still, we hardly ever receive simple answers. The selected films focus around generational gaps, concerning key matters ruling our lives. They also prove that without trust conversations, mutual understanding or changes wouldn’t be possible.

Coordinators: Tomasz Adamski, Krzysztof Sienkiewicz, Maciej Rant

Trzy rozmowy o życiu, Julia Staniszewska, Poland 2016, 25’
Picnic, Jure Pavlovic, Croatia 2015, 13’
My Dad, Marcus Armitage, United Kingdom 2014, 6’
Interior familia, Gerard Quinto, Esteve Soler, David Torras, Spain 2014, 13’


Trust Me: (Anti)Authority: (Dis)Illusion & (Dis)Obedience

December 6th, 2017, 12:00
Białystok / Univeristy CUltural Centre – University in BIałystok, 1M Ciołkowskiego Street
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What is authority? What is disobedience? What is their relationship? What happens with our perception of the world when the lines are blurred and authority is challenged? Who can you trust? The male voice of reason as the voice of authority is the starting point of this set of slyly humorous films that in one way or another also seek to question, destabilize or undermine that authority. These films fearlessly take on patriarchy, capitalism, spirituality, education, sexuality and desire, as they investigate authority, disobedience and the illusion thereof. Program in cooperation with: Uppsala International Short Film Festival.

Curator: Christoffer Olofsson

Hollow Coin, Frank Heath, USA 2016, 12’
Night Soil – Fake Paradise, Melanie Bonajo, Nederlands / USA 2015, 32’
Gratis Punch, Katharina Cibulka, Eva Jiricka, Czech Republic 2006, 6’
Geef me’s ongelijk, Laura Hermanides, Nederlands 2015, 27’
Audition, Lovisa Sirén, Sweden 2015, 15’


Trust Me – Fake News. Sad. Counterfeiting Reality

December 7th, 2017, 1 PM
Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology of the University in Białystok, 20 Świerkowa Street, C.02 – Small Assembly Hall
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Turn the page, switch the channel, scroll further down — there are self-promoters everywhere. And what a show they’re putting on! You won’t believe your eyes. Nor should you. Half of the time we’re not even aware of how much we let our perception of reality be shaped by politicians, the media, or filmmakers. We accept simplified representations of the world and think of them as essence, as truth. The four films in this programme (they are literally the best!) zoom in on the phenomenon of sensationalism and sensory overload. It’s going to be HUGE. Trust us.
Diana Mereoiu

Program in cooperation with VIS Vienna Independent Shorts Festival.

Curators: Daniel Ebner, Diana Mereoiu

Journal animé, Donato Sansone, France 2016, 4’30”
Green Screen Gringo, Douwe Dijkstra, Brazil / Netherlander 2016, 15’51”
Redemption, Miguel Gomes, Portugal / France / Italy / Deutschland, 2013, 26’
Citizen Cam, Jérôme Scemla, Israel 1999, 26’


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