TR Warszawa: The Heart

May 23, 2022, 18:00
Faculty of Education of the University of Białystok, 20C Świerkowa Street
tickets: 40 PLN (presale) / 50 PLN (on the day of the event), available at the Forum cinema’s box office (5 Legionowa Street), Ludwik Zamenhof Centre’s box office (19 Warszawska Street) and on

director: Wiktor Bagiński
producer: TR Warszawa
Q&A host: Miłka Malzahn

In 1994, a nearly 30-year-old Nigerian, who lived in Poland, abandoned his newborn son. Thirty years later, his son embarks on a journey to the heart of his story. What is the truth and what is a myth in this family’s story? How to deal with racial stereotypes? How to free oneself from the hate?

 “The Heart” is a documentary story of a young, black Polish man who embarks on a journey to find his biological father. The script is inspired by Joseph Conrad’s novella and based on Wiktor Bagiński’s autobiographical writings. The play attempts to find political meanings hidden in the director’s personal story.

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