Theatrical Booth on Kościuszki Square

Visit our Theatrical Booth at Kościuszki Square during the 33rd Modern Art Days festival!

May 25th, 2018, 4 PM – 7 PM
May 26th – 27th, 2018, 3 PM – 6 PM
Kościuszki Square, next to the City Hall
entry: a single coin to start the Booth

The project of the independent Belarusian “Kartonka” children theatre.

Sit comfortably and get ready for a unique story, created … by you! The Theatrical Booth will be launched exactly when you want it to. The theatre mechanism will start running, the story will begin, and the characters will act as you decide. Within three minutes you can create and watch a play produced by yourself. Welcome to the smallest theatre in the world!

The Theatrical Booth works similarly to a photo booth. A maximum of two people can enter. After the coin is thrown, a short performance will begin.

Direction, production: Svetlana Ben, Lina Khesina
Production manager: Marina Dashuk

Svetlana Ben (Minsk, Belarus) – actress, director, poet, musician, founder of the independent Belarusian “Kartonka” children theatre. She graduated from the Art School in Vitebsk and the Belarusian National Academy of Arts (puppet theatre directing faculty). She works as a director in puppet theatres in Belarus, participates in international projects. She is the frontwoman of the Serebryanaya Svad’ba band.

Lina Khesina (Berlin, Germany) – graphic artist, illustrator, media pedagogue, member of the “Kartonka” theatre, founder and lecturer at the “Zuckerwattenkrawatten” studio in Berlin, where book illustrations and board games are created.

Marina Dashuk (Minsk, Blearus) – theatre producer and manager, cooperates with independent theatre groups from Belarus. Coordinator of international theatre projects.

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