The Week of Spanish Film

The Week of Spanish Film is the only event in Poland devoted exclusively to the Spanish cinema, a celebration of cinema for viewers in love with the sun, travels and the southern lifestyle. It is aimed at both lovers of Spanish language and culture, as well as people who like good cinema.

March 20th-26th, 2020
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
tickets: 14 PLN – single movie / 132 PLN – ticket to all the movies


Screenings schedule:

  • March 20th

    • 6:30 PM Love Beats
    • 8:30 PM While at War
  • March 21

    • 4:45 PM The Plan
    • 6:30 PM The Japon
    • 8:30 PM If I Were Rich Man
  • March 22nd

    • 6:30 PM Taxi to Treasure Rock
    • 8:30 PM El crack cero
  • March 23rd

    • 6:30 PM The Europeans
  • March 24th

    • 6:30 PM The Innocence
  • March 25th

    • 6:30 PM I Can Quit Whenever I Want
    • 6:30 PM El doble mas quince


Movie information:


While at War / Mientras dure la guerra
dir. Alejandro Amenábar
Alejandro Amenábar is back to directing in Spanish for the first time since his beloved Oscar-winning The Sea Inside. WHILE AT WAR is an intense emotional drama set in 1936, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. A story about the past which urgently questions our present day and which became one of the key films of 2019.
Salamanca 1936.  Celebrated writer Miguel de Unamuno supports the military rebellion hoping it will resolve the prevailing chaos in Spain. Meanwhile, General Francisco Franco adds his troops to the uprising, secretly aspiring to take command of the war.
The conflict turns bloody and with some of his colleagues incarcerated, Unamuno questions his initial stance. When Franco transfers his headquarters to Salamanca, Unamuno visits him, determined to request clemency.


The Innocence / La Inocencia
dir. Lucía Alemany
Lis is a teenage girl whose dream is to become a circus artist and leave the small village she calls her hometown, although she knows that doing so will imply a bitter confrontation with her parents.
It’s summertime and Lis spends her days hanging out on the village streets with her friends and flirting with her boyfriend, Nestor, who is a few years older than her. The lack of privacy and endless gossiping among the neighbors compel Lis to keep her relationship with Nestor a secret to ensure that her parents don’t find out. When the idyllic summer comes to an end, Lis will have to fight to secure her independence and overcome the challenges that adulthood brings.


Love Beats / La Banda
dir. Roberto Bueso
Edu is a young musician who will have to temporarily abandon his monotonous life in dreary London to return to his hometown in Spain for his brother’s wedding. After years away, a sense of strangeness and nostalgia leave him feeling like he’s on the outside looking in until, gradually, the reunion with friends, family and especially, Alicia, his secret crush and his best friend’s girlfriend, bring out feelings that he thought he had gotten over.


The Japon / Los Japón
dir. Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo
Paco and Encarni Japón, their two teenage kids and Grandpa are a somewhat dysfunctional, but all the more loveable Spanish family. What they don’t know is that they are actually the offspring of the Japanese emperor, one of whose forefathers landed and settled in their Sevillian town 400 years ago. So when a Japanese envoy comes knocking on Paco’s and Encarni’s door with the “imperial” news, Paco is unsure if being “Emperor” might be a little out of their league. But with Encarni insisting that any deal is better than the life they already have, the couple heads for the land of the rising sun, where absurdly funny language classes and quirky eastern customs await them before making us all see that a little bit of an emperor lies in us all!


Taxi to Treasure Rock / Taxi a Gibraltar
dir. Alejo Flah
Following in the wake of classics like Due Date and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, comes TAXI TO TREASURE ROCK, an exhilarating buddy movie. From the screenwriter behind Spy Time and Veronica, TAXI turns into a road trip that takes us through amazing locations across Southern Spain.
A debt-ridden cab driver, a charming ex-con and a bride fleeing her bachelorette party will cross paths and embark on the adventure of their lives: a dizzying road trip with the delirious promise of finding a shipment of lost gold in one of Gibraltar’s unexplored tunnels.


El crack cero
dir. José Luis Garci
José Luis Garci’s oeuvre can be divided into two parts. During and right after Spain’s ‘transición‘, he made films that were engaged with the times while clearly troubled by a sense of not completely being at the right moment in history. After a seven-year silence following Asignatura aprobada (1987), Garci returned to cinema to focus on historical subjects, remaking past classics with Canción de cuna (1994) or La herida luminosa (1997) and creating heritage dramas like Luz de domingo (2007) or Sangre de mayo (2008) any ardent cinephile’s dream of classical cinema: an art of the times and against all times.
With El crack cero, Garci looks at his own corpus of films through that prism of cinephile classicism. He returns to Germán Areta, the hero of his two Hammett-hommages, El crack (1981) and El crack 2 (1983), showing the gumshoe’s early days as an independent investigator after leaving the police force.


If I Were Rich Man / Si yo fuera rico
dir. Álvaro Fernández Armero
The movie tells us the story of Santi (Álex García), a young man with plenty economic issues and a very miserable life. Besides his difficult economy, he is about divorcing his wife. One day, he decides to try something different and play the lottery, with so good luck that he becomes very rich overnight, something he would never thought. He really becomes extremely rich. But not everything is coming his way, this sudden amount of money makes him the center of attention of Vanessa, a millionaire’s widow. Besides, he faces the problem of not being able of telling his friends and his partner about his new situation, because if his wife notices it, he would have to give her the half of the money obtained because of being in the middle of the divorce. With that situation, he will try the best he can to enjoy his money and wasted it meanwhile he is covering it from his family and friends. The movie is directed by Álvaro Fernández Armero (‘Las ovejas no pierden el tren’, ‘Vergüenza’). In the cast we can find Alex García (‘Gente que viene y bah!’), Alexandra Jiménez (‘Superlópez’), Adrián Lastra (‘Velvet’), Diego Martín (‘Tres metros sobre el cielo’) Jordi Sánchez (‘Bajo el mismo techo’) and Antonio Resines (‘La caja 507’) among others.


The Plan / El Plan
dir. Polo Menárguez
It’s 9am on a hot, summer’s morning in a neighborhood of Madrid. Paco, Ramon and Andrade, three friends who have been unemployed since the company they worked for shut down, have arranged to meet to carry out their plan. When all three of them are finally there, an unexpected setback stops them from leaving the house: the car they were relying on has broken down. As they look for alternative transport arrangements, the friends will find themselves caught up in a series of uncomfortable discussions, that will slowly bring down their walls and force them to take off their masks. Andrade has just bumped into the person whose absence has marked his whole life in a bar, Paco is about to discover a painful secret about his marriage and Ramon is obsessed with a series of psychological questions nobody else understands. The answer to these questions and the revelation of each of their personal suffering will change their friendship forever. Meanwhile, with each second that passes they get further and further away from executing their plan.


The Europeans / Los europeos
dir. Víctor García León
Spain, 1958. Two young, single friends, Miguel, a shy man from the provinces, who’s struggling to make a living as a draftsman, and Antonio, the charismatic only child of a wealthy architect from Madrid, take a trip to Ibiza, lured by the European sexual myth and the illusion of freedom. Once there, in the town of San Antonio, they will find themselves accompanied by a community of liberal, eccentric, almost tragicomic characters. As they let their hair down and start to enjoy the freedom from the usual social constraints of the time, they will soon become just two more of the island’s castaways.
While Antonio, the more extrovert of the two, embarks on a series of amorous adventures, Miguel finds himself falling deeply in love with Odette, a beautiful, cultured and free-spirited Parisian. The couple will spend several idyllic weeks together, before an unexpected twist in their relationship reminds Miguel that there’s also trouble to be found in paradise. His dreams suddenly shattered, Miguel will be forced to face the consequences of his actions, in a country that is still extremely conservative and even dangerous.


El doble mas quince
dir. Mikel Rueda
Imagine a woman. Around 45 years old. Slender, attractive, but somewhat ravaged by age. Can you see her? Now put her in a stretch of wasteland. Alone. Sitting on the bonnet of her saloon car. Waiting. She’s waiting for someone. She’s nervous. Someone’s coming towards her from the distance. It looks like a boy. Yes, it’s a boy, a 16-year-old kid pedalling his bike. He stops in front of her. They look at one another. Uncomfortable. They don’t know what to say. They don’t know what to do. He sees her smoking. “You told me you’d stopped”, he says to her. “And you told me you were older”, she answers, half-nervous, half-angry. “So what now?” he insists, nervous, very nervous. That’s exactly the question. What now? What would happen if a 45-year-old woman and a boy of 16 were to get to know one another online and arrange to meet for sex? That’s the basic premise of El doble más quince.


I Can Quit Whenever I Want / Lo dejo cuando quiera
dir. Carlos Therón
Friends since school, Pedro, Arturo and Eligio are three, highly-qualified college professors who the economic crisis has left jobless.
Fed up and broke, the group accidentally find the answer to all their problems in the project Pedro’s been working on for years: a multi-vitamin which, to their surprise, allows you to party all night long with no side effects.
With the help of Anabel, a lawyer turned gas station employee, and Jota, a student who’s more interested in partying than her books, the three professors will launch themselves into the world of nightclubs and shady dealings, hoping to find a market for their new wonder drug, something, it seems, they are not qualified for at all!


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