The Last Day of Summer

DKF “GAG” invites  for ‘Ostatni Dzień Lata’ / The Last Day of Summer

A lecture before the film will be given by Jakub Socha, a film critic (

Ostatni Dzień Lata / Last Day of Summer
Poland, 1958, 59 ‘
dir. Tadeusz Konwicki
cast: Irena Laskowska, Jan Machulski

There will be project a digitally restored copy of the film in Forum Cinema.!

Konwicki’s film debut, awarded the first prize in the field of experimental film festival in Venice (1958), the main prize at the EXPO in Brussels and the first prize at the International Film Festival in London.
Moody psychological study, the drama of loneliness and helplessness of two people, unable to attempt a common life. Lasted six hours action director, Konwicki told in an hour. The film consists of a conversation between two characters. A young man and mature woman meet on a deserted beach. Around them just sand, dunes, sea and sky. Alone, both bored a stigma of war and personal dramas can not find the way to each other …

Jacob Socha –a film critic and a film editor of , and cultural magazine of National Audiovisual Institute.


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