The Art of Hate

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a comic book exhibition opening within the ¿Underground/Independent? 2020 festival:

The Art of Hate

March 5th, 2020, 6 PM
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
free admission

“The Art of Hate” is an exhibition of the winning works from the frame comic competition of the Frame festival, a young festival organized in Prague for several years by a Czech and Pole in the form of comic, illustration and zine fairs.

The art of hate has many masters and many peons. But unlike his peer – love – it doesn’t forgive anything!

The winning works of the authors from Taiwan, Italy and Finland are three different perspectives: hatred as an endless street fight, a volcano of sensitive emotions and a philosophical sense of existence. In the strong peloton of the awarded works you will see very poetic and very blunt comics. In very different graphic styles.

The works include:
Vie Anna, “The Other”, Poand
B. Carrot, “A Sign of Chaos”, Netherlands
Elena Kanarskaite, “St. Cat”, Lithuania
Emmet O’Cuana, Jeferson Sadzinski, Colin Bell, “Kill Screen”, Australia
Henry Uhrik, “Dead Flies: How My Apartment Became a Police State”, UK
Lai Hiu, “Yung Wild Thingsssssssss”, Hong Kong
Miel Vandepitte, “Train World”, Belgium
Matjaž Bertoncelj, “The South”, Slovenia
Olga Wieszczyk, “Flame”, Poland
Ondrej Malina, “Hamster Villain”, Czechia
Rodrigo Lucio, Carlos Dearmas “Kafkaesque”, Colombia
Valentin Krayl, “Ha Ha Ha”, Germany
Pam Pam Liu, “The Art of Hate”, Taiwan
Francesca Colombara, “I Hate Drawing”, Italy
Tomi Pakila, Sami Pakila, “The Hollow Voyage”, Finland

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