Squadron 303 + a meeting with Marek Fiedler

Podlasie Academy of Culture at the Białystok Cultural Centre and the Polish Film Institute have the pleasure of inviting you to the screening of “Squadron 303” directed by Denis Delić and a meeting with Marek Fiedler, the son of Arkady Fiedler, the writer of “Squadron 303”.

Novemebr 11th, 2018, 4 PM
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
ticekts: 8 PLN – available at the Forum cinema’s box office, BCC/LZC’ box office and on bilety.bok.bialystok.pl

The true story of 303 Squadron, inspired by Arkady Fiedler’s bestseller “Squadron 303”.

Learn the story of the legendary 303 Squadron. Meet the pilots without whom victory over Germany in the Battle of Britain would not be possible. Meet the heroes whose courage exceeded only patriotism.

The film “303 Squadron” is a true story of Polish Aces of Space, inspired by the eponymous bestseller by Arkady Fiedler. Polish airmen, initially underestimated and ridiculed, become a legend. As part of the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom (RAF), they formed an elite unit – 303 Squadron, which was unmatched in combat.

At a time, when every day could be the last, they did not hesitate to perform airborne evolution on the edge of madness. Nobody was flying like them. Their extraordinary skills and extraordinary patriotism can be an example for future generations of Poles. The film tells not only about the spectacular actions in which they took part in the Battle of Britain, but also shows their private lives. Whom they loved, whom they lost and whom they missed.


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