Sputnik over Białystok 2020

The turn of January and February has been a meeting with the latest Russian cinema at the Forum cinema for many years!

Sputnik over Białystok

February 7-13, 2020
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
tickets: 14 PLN / single movie, 144 PLN all the movies, available at the Forum cinema’s box office (5 Legionowa Street), Ludwik Zamenhof Center’s box office (19 Warszawska Street) and on bilety.bok.bialystok.pl

“Sputnik over Poland” Russian Film Festival has been taking place in Warsaw since 2007. The audience’s interest in the first edition of the festival was enormous and that is why every autumn there is a big festival of Russian cinematography in the capital city. The aim of the Festival is to present to the widest possible audience the greatest achievements of Russian film art, not only masterpieces of Russian (and Soviet) cinema, but also the production of the young generation of directors.Selected films have also been presented in cinemas all over Poland for a few years, including the Forum cinema in Białystok.

Screening schedule:

February 7th
16:30 My Little Sister
18:30 The Bull

February 8th
15:00 The Great North Way
16:30 The Port
18:30 The Man Who Surprised Everyone

February 9th
15:00 Sunday
16:45 Russian Demon
18:45 Once in Trubchevsk

February 10th
18:15 End of Season

February 11th
18:00 Leaving Afghanistan

February 12th
18:15 Great Poetry

February 13th
18:15 Van Goghs

Film infos:

My Little Sister
As far back as Yamil can remember, the war was always. But Yamil is waiting for its end, because then his Father, known to the boy only through photos and letters, will be back home. One day his Mother goes to a distant city and brings a silent girl Oksana. Mother also brings his Father’s order to take care of Oksana as if she were his sister.


The Bull
At the end of the 1990s Russia is finding it tough to get back on its feet after the breakup of the USSR – the country is ravaged by economic and moral decay, a fact reflected in the proliferation of local criminal gangs. The leader of one such group, a young guy known as the Bull, ends up at the police station after a scuffle with a rival mob. He only manages to avoid prison thanks to the intervention of a feared mafia boss, who nevertheless asks him to pull off a risky job in return. Former ballet dancer and graduate of VGIK Boris Akopov offers up an exceptionally mature feature debut, a taut drama whose energetic soundtrack, compulsive narrative rhythm and raw performances faithfully capture the hostile spirit of post-Soviet Russia.


The Great North Way
The film covers a unique expedition itinerary in the Russian Arctic and Northern Siberia. It represents a daring exploration through more than 10,000 km of wilderness of Northern Eurasia, meeting its indigenous peoples, and a celebration of a noble adventurers’ spirit that is bound to be appreciated by the viewers. “The Great North Way” unites visual experiences from 7 Russian regions from Archangelsk oblast in the west to Chukotka in the east, including the most breathtaking views and extreme environments


The Port
‘Port’ is a storyabout growing up in tough conditions. Kira is a teenager who is left disabled after the car accident. Her father is a boxing coach with a headstrong personality refuses to accept the reality of her situation. He believes that it could be overcome with a special training simulator to rehabilitate her. During this difficult period, Kira meets Andrey. Falling in love bringsher hope and her life is changed with unexpectedcircumstances. However, each of them is faced with new and daunting challenges and only the irrepressible desire to live andlove can lead themto overcome the mistakes of their youth.


The Man Who Surprised Everyone
Diagnosed with cancer, a Siberian man, inspired by an ancient folk tale, tries to fool death by adopting a new identity—one that leads to ostracism and violence from the others in his village.


A well-known civil servant from the Mayor’s Office in a provincial Russian town receives a note: ’You’ll soon die’. He takes no notice, and gets ready for his normal Sunday – family problems, his personal life, work, other matters… But this Sunday turns out very far from normal.


Russian Demon
Contemporary Moscow. Svyatoslav, a poor boy, falls in love with Asya, a rich girl, and wants to marry her. To support her in the manner in which she is accustomed, he opens an upscale restaurant. But he soon discovers he has a unseen enemy.


Once in Trubchevsk
In a small town, everything is out in the open. No matter how hard you try to conceal having affairs, your family is bound to learn the truth sooner or later. And then you will have to make a choice: to start a new family from square one or to confess and get back to the usual life. That is the choice the protagonists are faced with.


End of Season
Three sisters, who by the will of historical circumstances turned out to be outside of Russia, live in a small Baltic town. Just like the Chekhov sisters, they dream of returning to Moscow. But fate has other types of them.


Leaving Afghanistan
1988-1989. The end of the Soviet-Afghan war. The USSR begins its withdrawal from Afghanistan. Soviet General Vasiliev’s son – a pilot named Alexander gets kidnapped by the mujahideen after his airplane crashes. As a result the 108th motorized infantry division’s long awaited return home gets put on hold for one last mission: bring the General’s son back. Based on true events the previously untold story of the courageous and tragic withdrawal campaign (through the Salang pass) reveals the danger the horror and the complexity of human nature during wartime.


Great Poetry
Great Poetry is about two guys who live on the outskirts of Moscow and work as cash collectors. They’re young, lonely, and all they have in the world is each other. They spend their lives moving money for other people. Dreaming, they attend a poetry class at their local cultural center, and watch cock fights at a dorm for migrant workers. Attempts to find poetry in the prosaic world that surrounds them lead the heroes to the conclusion that the only poetic move they can make is to rob a bank. Paul Claudel wrote that a person lives their life intimately and poetically, and in our film there is a lot of poetry. But the film isn’t about words or rhymes. It’s about friendship and betrayal, and about our vicious and alien world in which anyone who tries to be honest and consistent ends up looking naive and cruel. It’s about the ever-present and incomprehensible force that no matter what makes our life so frantic, strange, and lonely.


Van Goghs
A famed, aging conductor with dementia and his talented but troubled artist son are forced to set aside their differences before it’s too late in this emotional melodrama featuring Russia and Poland’s two biggest stars.

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