Special screening: My Fight. Mamed Khalidov

The film depicts Mamed Khalidov, but it does not focus entirely on his biography. It primarily is a movie about an athlete , about the effort he needs to make to succeed. It is a film about how, in a matter of minutes, a spectators favourite can get booed by them. It is a film about struggling with yourself, your weaknesses, about overcoming them.

The camera follows Mamed Khalidov for several months, during the preparations for a fight to defend the championship. We watch him training in Olsztyn – this is a picture distant from what the fans see at the KSW. The camera does not leave Khalidov for a single moment right before or after the fight. This is a picture without censorship. After the fight Mamed Khalidov is left alone with the director in the changing room and there a sincere, sometimes bitter conversation about the career of an athlete, about the sense of what he does begins.




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