Songs of Lear – performance

Performance of Song of the Goat Theatre

There have been dozens of laudatory texts on this performance. It has received rave reviews from critics, judges and spectators of the most important theatre scenes and festivals around the world. It is a continually developing and creatively evolving work by Song of the Goat Theatre, known for its multi-layered realization masterpieces which affect deep layers of emotions, symbols, universal key-gestures.

Songs of Lear is a non-linear dramatic event that shows the world of subtle energies and rhythms that govern Shakespeare drama. The ensemble members have chosen crucial scenes from King Lear to weave a polyphonic story out of gestures, words, music. Each song is a starting point for another “dramatic poem ”.

Song of the Goat Theatre, founded in 1996 by Grzegorz Bral and Anna Zubrzycki, over the years has gained international recognition as one of the most innovative European ensembles, practising their acting skills and constantly seeking new artistic solutions.

“This is essence of Lear, desiccated and condensed; sensed rather than watched and absorbed until it hasn’t just got under your skin, but right into your bone marrow. For the half hour that followed, I was static electricity, too knock-kneed to stand. It is a full-body detox; catharsis pure and simple and transcendent.” Matt Trueman for ” The Letter”

Directed by Grzegorz Bral

Music: Jean -Claude Acquaviva, Maciej Rychły

Cast: Monika Dryl, Anu Salonen, Ilenia Cipollari, Emma Bonnici, Julianna Bloodgood, Kacper Kuszewski, Gabriel Gawin, Rafal Habel, Lukasz Wojcik, Paolo Garghentino, Maciej Rychły

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Fot. Karol Jarek

Fot. Karol Jarek

Fot. Karol Jarek

Fot. Karol Jarek


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