Przemysław Strączek Cultural Concept feat. Buba Badjie Kuyateh

August 28, 2022, 19:00
Białystok Puppet Theater, 1 Kalinowskiego Street; live broadcast on Wschód Kultury and Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury
free admission

Buba Badjie Kuyateh
Kora player and composer. Born in 1982 in Gambia into one of the most prestigious griot (musician) families, he has been playing kora since the age of 7. ‘Jali Buba’ has become one of the most popular and highly regarded musicians in Gambia, performing with his group Nyodemaa Band. He is also a teacher of the kora and organiser of musical trips to Gambia.
In 2012 he moved to Poland, and while firmly rooted in the traditional heritage of the kora, he is also open-minded and forward-looking in his approach to modern music, with an interest and feeling for fusion of the old and new; of traditional kora with styles like jazz or funk.
His infectious and catchy fusion sound, blending the true sound of Africa with new styles that appeal to Western ears, was first introduced to audiences with his band Buba Kuyateh Trio. He has also collaborated with many artists, such as Maria Pomianowska, Alina Mleczko, Urna Chahar Tugchi, Stanisław Soyka, Kinior and more.
Buba has also been working closely with Ruhaniyat Music Festival in India, as a prominent solo artist, as well as in conjunction with other great Indian musicians, further adding to the depth of his understanding of diverse musical styles.

Przemysław Strączek Cultural Concept
The band’s music is composed by the leader Przemysław Strączek, who has been running intercultural music projects since 2015 in accordance with the idea that you can grow up and live far apart and carry out artistic activities together, understand each other on the field of art and be close. CULTURAL CONCEPT is just such a concept that combines ethnic elements in music based on improvisation, elements of jazz and ethno music. The group includes musicians from four geographically distant countries: Poland, Senegal, Taiwan and Colombia. During the festival, the premiere of songs written for ethnic instruments matoquin, kora, erhu, Colombian percussion instruments will be presented along with a jazz guitar and a jazz rhythm section.

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