Polish Cinema Day

On Sunday, November 11, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland, and this year the Polish cinema celebrates its 110th birthday!

In cooperation with the cinemas associated in the Network of Studio and Local Cinemas, we invite viewers to celebrate both anniversaries in the most pleasant way possible – in the cinema!

November 11th, 2018
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street

2 PM A Cat with a Dog
(ticket 11 PLN)
4 PM Podlasie Academy of Culture: Squadron 303 + a meeting with Marek Fiedler additional information
(ticket 8 PLN)
7 PM The Best Polish 30′ – Independence Day
(ticket 11 PLN)
8:30 PM Pre-release screening: VIA CARPATIA
(tickets 11 PLN)


A cat with a Dog
The newest film by the director of “Girls for the Taking.” In this story inspired by true events, an unconventional family comes together overcoming their conflicts and rivalries. In a story full of ironic humor, moments of emotion and true intimacy reveal the ties in an unconventional family. When the elder brother, Andrzej, suddenly falls ill and finds himself in need, his younger brother, Janusz, takes it upon himself to care for him, despite their differences and the wall of misunderstanding between them.


The Best Polish 30′ – Independence Day

Polonaise, dir. Agnieszka Elbanowska, 16′
In the small, central Polish town of Aleksandrów Kujawski, the director of the local culture centre announces a competition. The theme … a creative presentation of your personal patriotic attitude. Entrants are free to demonstrate their creativity in whatever form they like; in song, recitation or gesture, by giving a speech or staging their piece. Anything goes. There’s just one requirement; entrants may only present their own, original work. The eleventh day of the eleventh month arrives … Poland’s Independence Day. And on this very day, the jury, consisting of the director, the mayor, a priest and a local poetess, will select the region’s number one patriot.

The Best Fireworks Ever, dir. Aleksandra Terpińska, 28′
In a contemporary world in one of the European cities, three friends, as they face a military conflict in their country, must modify their plans for the future.

Relax, dir. Agnieszka Elbanowska, 26′
The owner and staff of provincial Relax Inn prepare for the arrival of refugees. In order to save his sinking ship from bankruptcy, the owner decides to turn it into a refugee centre in hope of swindling the Office for Foreigners and EU out of money. But on the day of refugees’ arrival – when everything seems in place – out of the blue things are getting complicated.


Julia and Piotr are a well-situated, middle-class married couple entertaining the idea of a dream holiday. At the request of Piotr’s mother, however, the pair set out instead on a trip across the Balkans, heading for a refugee camp on the Macedonian-Greek border. Student Academy Award holder Klara Kochańska makes her debut with an intimate, independent road movie which stands out for its subtle performances and quasi-documentary authenticity.


dzień kina polskiego plakat
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