Photographic Atlas of the Epidemic

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the virtual exhibition, which is the result of our spring photo action:

Photographic Atlas of the Epidemic

November 20, 2020 – February 28, 2021

In spring, on the occasion of the first wave of the pandemic, we asked you to send us photos that would tell you personal stories about the new, difficult situation for everyone. We received photos of various aspects of life that have often changed dramatically. The most common subjects of the photos were: isolation, closure, new bans and orders, time, changes in the functioning of many institutions, loneliness and escape into the world of nature.

An interesting collection photography has been created, which we present in a widely available, virtual form – via VirtuRama. Although the situation around us seems much more difficult than before, we hope that it will not become an obstacle to documentating of the reality in which we live here and now.

The exhibition features the works of:
Magdalena Balewicz, Mariusz Bieciuk, Alina Gabrel-Kamińska, Krzysztof Gajewski, Magdalena Gorbacz, Ewa Kołomecka, Paweł Kowalczuk, Nira Lako, Tomasz Lelo, Marcin Makarski, Paweł Nowicki, Marcin Pawlukiewicz, Monika Piskurewicz, Magdalena Płońska, Witalis Puczyński, Antoni Rakowski, Aneta Stabińska, Illia Tsalyk, Beata Wilczyńska, Magda Właszek, Piotr Znaniecki

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