Paweł Kupiec: Straight Line

Event cancelled.

Straight Line

exhibition opening: March 13th, 2020, 6 PM
Ludwik Zamenhof Centre, 19 Warszawska Street
tickets: exhibition opening and Sundays – free admission, other days – 5 PLN
exhibition open until June 21st, 2020

A straight line, one of the basic concepts of geometry, is a special case of the curve unlimited on both sides. We see such a line in all the works of Paweł Kupiec, although it undergoes specific transformations – Kupiec’ paintings and drawings present crumpled pages. Thus, the original shape of the line is reconstructed from a surface that has been destroyed in an effective way. The quality of the works is also attractive, as they are very focused and sensitive in their realistic expression.

The first painting from the “Straight Line” series was created in 2010, in the following years the artist continued this idea in various techniques.

Paweł Kupiec
b. 1977 in Białystok, in 1994 he went with his family to the USA, in 2010 he obtained the title of Master of Fine Arts at the Indiana University in Bloomington. He is currently an assistant professor at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago, where he teaches general and character drawing, and design. He is mainly interested in two-dimensional art, i.e. drawing, painting and photography. Currently, his passions are mountains and traveling.

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