Patronal Days: Pectus

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a concert within the Białystok Patronal Days 2019:


September 28th, 2019, 8 PM
Kościuszki Square
free admission

Pectus are a Polish pop/rock band formed in the spring of 2005. Originating from Rzeszów, the band quickly built their reputation after winning the “International Carpathia Song Festival,” held in their home town, shortly after the band’s formation..

In 2007, The band ranked among the finalists in the renowned “44th National Festival of Polish Musicians in Opole.” Later that year, the band released a promotional mini album consisting of five tracks. Wojtek Horny (O.N.A.), Agnieszka Chylińska, Zbyszek Jakubek (Walk Away) and R. Rynkowski assisted in recording the album. Consecutive recordings were created in cooperation with producer Tomek Bonarowski which resulted in a hit single entitled “To Co Chciałbym Ci Dać” (Something I’d like to Give You).

In August 2008, during the “45th International Sopot Festival,” Pectus won the “Słowika Publiczności” (Audience Nightgale) and “To Co Chciałbym Ci Dać” (Something I’d like to Give You) became one of the most air played songs on Polish Radio.

On 27th February 2009 their debut album was released. Tomasz Szczepanik wrote the music and lyrics for all 11 tracks on the album which was produced by Jasiek Kidawa, who earlier cooperated with “Wilki,” “Feel,”and “M. Ostrowska.”

2009 was a fortunate year for Pectus. After performing at the “46th International Sopot Festival” the bands debut album reached gold after selling 15 000 copies.

In June of the same year at the National Festival of Polish Songs in Opole, Pectus received the Bronze Premiere for a song entitled Życie Na Dystans” (Life At a Distance) .The band was also honored with a “Superjedynka” for the “Debut of the Year”catagory.

At the end of 2009 Tomek Szczepanik took a part in the “Kalendarz Dżentelmena 2010” (Gentleman’s Calendar 2010) – a good-will project where he sang for a charitable cause together with A. Grabowski. The charity was called Stop Bosym Stopom (Stop Bare Feet) which aimed to buy shoes for children from poor families.

In 2010 the band began working on their second album while at the same time, filling many concert dates throughout Poland and abroad. In May, the band performed at the “Copernicus Center in Chicago” for their base of Polish fans residing in the USA.

In May 2010 Poland was affected by heavy floods. The band wasn’t insensitive to those who lost their properties, and took part in many activities and charity concerts to help raise funding. Pectus supported the “Anna Dymna Foundation,” performing for the “Festival of Enchanted Songs in Cracow in June 2010. The band also performed charity concerts in Tuchów where many villages were under water. Pectus is known for their numerous charity events.

The opening track, “Oceany” (Oceans), from their second album, “Stos Praw” (Pile of Rights) hit the summit charts of all radio stations.The album premiered on September 24th 2010.

2009 Pectus PECTUS , QL Music
2010 Pile of Rights PECTUS, QL Music
2013 Siła Braci PECTUS, SONY Music Polska
2015 Kobiety (Women) Grash Music Polska

On 12th October 2011 band leader Tomek Szczepanik parted company. On 24th December 2011 Tomek Szczepanik chose new members:
Marek Szczepanik-drums and backing vocals
Mateusz Szczepanik-bass guitar and backing vocals
Maciej Szczepanik-guitar and backing vocals


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