Outdoor cinema: Pedro Ferreira’s films with live music by Tropy

Film Debating Club “GAG” invites all the fans of good cinema to outdoor summer screenings. During the summer evenings we will present movies enriching our perception of film art, the world, man and music. Spectators are encouraged to bring blankets, sleeping bags and mats (nights can be chilly) and visit the Fama Club bar. We hope that like every year, we will meet in a large group.

Outdoor cinema
Tropy accompanying Pedro Ferreira’s films with live music
July 8th, 2017, 10 PM
square in front of the Bialystok Cultural Centre, 5 Legionowa Street
free entry

Eight different movies. The foundation of the project is that the sound and image interact strongly, but none of these spheres dominate. Film and music are two parallel narrative stories, that come in close interaction with each other.

Tropy is a new project of Artur Maćkowiak and Bartek Kapsa. Their debut album “Eight Pieces” contains music inspired by Pedro Ferreira’s experimental films. In their music you can hear vigorous improvisation, psychedelic synthesizers, jazz rhythms and noise guitars. Although each of these eight works is a separate narrative with different climate, different emotions, it feels like one coherent story.

Pedro Ferreira, born in Portugal in 1988, is a media artist based in Berlin. He works with documentary and experimental film, video installation, sound, performance and photography. He is interested to explore post-digital concepts concerned with tactile approaches to technology. In 2013 he received his master’s degree in multimedia arts and culture from the University of Porto. He has presented his works internationally in festivals, galleries, museums and alternative spaces.



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