Onirica – Dog Field

We recommend the latest film by Lech Majewski ‘Onirica – Dog Field’ – the Cinema Forum since 17th April !

Onirica – Dog Field
Poland 2013, 95 ‘
dir. Lech Majewski

Seemingly Adam is an ordinary employee of the supermarket. In fact, until recently, was a scientist – a specialist in the field of symbolic literature. His brilliant career was interrupted by a tragic accident that killed his girlfriend Basia and best friend Kamil. He survived by a miracle. Since that time all he needs is a dream. He falls asleep when the occasion arises. In the dream he escapes from reality, which is not accepted. Adam moves to the dark world straight from Dante poem ‘Boska Komedia’, which he was obsessed about during his academy work. These visions are superimposed on the real world, where one misfortune followed another etc.: flood, fires, and at the end crashed of the presidential plane.


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