Niwa Foto Arch.

April 12, 2022, 18:00
Fama club, 5 Legionowa Street
free admission

This time we will talk about the “Niwa Foto Arch.” photo book published by the Program Council of the “Niwa” Weekly in Białystok with photos from 1956 to 2000. We will discuss Belarusianness in Poland, photos in editorial archives, small and large politics, the importance of the press for building culture of the everyday life and how the world of the countryside and the city was seen by several generations of Belarusian journalists.

The guests of the meeting will include:
Eugeniusz Wappa – president of the Program Council of “Niwa”, editor-in-chief, columnist, social activist
Paweł Grześ – editor of “Niwa Foto Arch.”, photographer
Jerzy Osiennik – award-winning graphic designer, singer, activist of Belarusian culture
The meeting will be chaired by Ilona Karpiuk – Belarusian journalist, singer.

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