Natalia Przybysz „Prąd”

Enjoy the concert of Natalia Przybysz, promoted her newest album “Prąd”.

Natalia Przybysz, known as a singer of best polish soul i R&B band the ‘Sistars’ (twice winner of the MTV Music Awards, actually suspended, but the band was reactivated once in 2012, its supported Jamiroquai & Prince).

She started her solo’s cariere as NATU. She has already recorded two albums ‘Natu & Envee – Maupka comes home’ and ‘Gram Duszy’. Natalia was twice nominated to Fryderyk Awared in The Vocalist of the Year and The Album reggae and r&b categories. ‘Gram Duszy’ album received good opinions of polish critics and it was compared to the best foreign soul.

In August 2011 Eryka Badu was supported by NATU at Warsaw concert. In summer 2012 Natalia created a project to celebrate of the 50th anniversary of the artistic debut of JANIS JOPLIN. The project received good opinions of audience and reviewers at summer festivals, including Woodstock 2012 (premiere project), Męskie Granie 2012, 2013, as well as the autumn tour. According to Jazzsoul redactors The ‘Kozmic Blues’ tournee was the one of the most important events of 2012. In June of 2013 appeared album ‘Kozmic Blues: Tribute to Janis Joplin’.

The song “Niebieski” from the last album ‘Kozmic Blues: Tribute to Janis Joplin’ was for Natalia the inspiration to preaparing a new album.

The music production she made in cooperation with Jurek Zagórski, the guitarist of the band. The album ‘Prąd’ was realized by Warner Music Poland in November 2014.

Concert composed of:

Natalia Przybysz – vocal,
Jurek Zagórski – guitar,
Mateusz Waśkiewicz – guitar,
Filip Jurczyszyn – bass,
Hubert Zemler – drum




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