My Name Is War, Amor Omnia Vincit

We invite you to two performances within the 32nd Modern Art Days Festival:

Puppetry Art Department in Białystok of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz State Theatre Academy in Warsaw
My Name Is War
Amor Omnia Vincit

J. Wilkowski’s School Theatre, 14 Sienkiewicza Street
May 24th, 2017
40’ + 40’
age rating: 16+

My Name Is War
A collage of seemingly ordinary stories of ordinary children. Just seemingly – they are the children of war, its grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We meet Włodek, a young Warsaw insurgent, Ursula – a German girl, whose dad died during the World War I, or the Blue Boy that fought on Maidan in 2014. They are united by the fear for their own tomorrow. Is it how it is supposed to be? Do they have to become the victims of the games of adults?

based on: M. Sadocha “In a Moment the Bomb Will Drop” and “The Birds I Eat”, M. Fertacz ”Trash Story or the Art of (Im)memory, M. Rusinek “The Spell with W”, C. Davide “The Enemy”
cast: Anna Domalewska, Rafał Derkacz
director: Jacek Dojlidko
assistant directors: Paula Czarnecka, Karol Smaczny
music: Dariusz Chociej

Amor Omnia Vincit
A story about the life of Hans Christian Andersen, talking about complex marriage relations , exposing the dark corners of human desires, among which there are anxiety, ruthlessness, and lack of love. A story about the man, whose fairy tales are known by everyone, but hardly anyone knows, how fascinating and intricate was his personal life.

based on: Per Olov Enquist ”Rain Snake” (tl. A. Krajewski-Bola)
cast: Rafał Domagała
director: Jacek Dojlidko
assistant director: Agnieszka Makowska


Nazywam sie wojna_fot Maciej Radziszewski Rafał Domagała AMOR OMNIA VINCIT, fot. Daniel Frymark (7)

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