Pawel Passini – one of the greatest directors of the young generation, winning awards for his works, in recent years has also become fascinated with Puppet Theatre. This passion developed into a spectacle Morrison / Sonofdeath, also winning numerous awards.

The play is an attempt to analyze Jim Morrison, the leader of the legendary band The Doors, as a romantic poet in the era of counterculture, still fascinating new generations of listeners, readers, music fans . Passini looks at the role of an idol, confronts his image with the image created by the media and fans’ expectations. He verifies pros and cons of fame which started to absorb this dark poet and a hero often called the Lizard King, a name taken from his poem.

It is a meeting of different artistic personalities, combining various art forms: film, theatre, multimedia and music, inspired by the revolutionary group The Doors.

After the play there will be a meeting with the authors of the spectacle, moderated by Maria Żynel.

text: Artur Pałyga

Directed by : Pawel Passini

Production Designer : Susan Silver

Projections: Maria Porzyc

Music arranged by: Paweł Passini , Sambor Dudzinski

Sound support: Lukasz Wojcik

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