Michał Zieliński: Erosion

We have the pleasure of inviting you to an exhibition:

Michał Zieliński: Erosion

until February 23rd, 2021, from 2 PM to 9 PM
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
free admission

The armed conflict in Syria as seen through the lens of a war reporter. A story about the life of people during a war that, according to the author, is always lost. A piece of the history of the world where armed struggle is commonplace for ordinary people.

Michał Zieliński
Journalist and photojournalist from Krakow. As a photojournalist, he specializes in the Middle East, post-Soviet states, ethnic minorities and humanitarian aid. He reported on armed conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Ukraine, as well as the work of non-governmental organizations in the Middle East, East Africa, North Africa and Southeast Asia.

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