Memory of the “Absent Family”

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the celebrations of the 79th anniversary of the burning of the Great Synagogue in Białystok.

Memory of the “Absent Family”

June 27th, 2020, 12:00
monument of the Great Synagogue in Białystok, Legionowa St.

This year, the “Museum of the Jews of Białystok” Association in cooperation with the Białystok Cultural Center and The Sleńdzińskis Gallery in Białystok prepared a special program, including the exhibition “We, Białystokers – we remember. And we will always remember!”, as well as the extraordinary artistic installation by the outstanding artist Stanisław Żywolewski, which on this day will be presented for only 2 hours. Together with the Polish Post Office, a philatelic point will be launched, where you will be able to receive unique greeting cards with the image of the Białystok synagogue. There will also be a short concert by the Lech Mazurek Trio.

For epidemiological reasons, please cover your mouth and nose when there are a large number of people attending.

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