Masala Soundsystem x ShazaLaKazoo

August 26, 2022, 20:00
Białystok Cultural Center, 5 Legionowa Street; live broadcast on Wschód Kultury and Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury
free admission

MASALA SOUNDSYSTEM is an Elektro-Ethno-Ragga-(t)Rap-Punk’n’Bass-Step group from Warsaw, Poland. It was founded as DJ collective in 2002, but soon it started publishing own remixes and tracks. Since then Masala Soundsystem played hundreds of concerts in Poland and around the world. Masala – meaning “mixture” – shows how the music connects East & West, future & the past, here & there, us & them…

People often think of the Balkans as a crossroads. With their busy trade and cultural routes, the Balkans have been linking the East with the West, the North with the South throughout the centuries. Now can you imagine someone setting up a tent in the midst of that bustling roundabout, in a place where all those roads converge in a swirling mix? Can you imagine, out of the blue, a tent with a wild illegal wedding party inside springing up in the middle of that crossroads, a jamming makeshift shelter which blocks the traffic until the break of dawn? Well, the loud music that would be played beneath the tent cover – this is the sound of the ShazaLaKazoo.

A fusion like a thorough merger of all those intersecting routes above, the ShazaLaKazoo sound is a cross-breed of electronic rhythms and basslines that might come from anywhere in the West or the North, and melodies of vocals, trumpets, violins, and electronic clarinet which could come from the East or the South. The sound of ShazaLaKazoo is a crossroads in which western beats meet Balkan tunes, a place where Oriental and Latin American percussion meet Greek vocals. This unique musical blend they simply call “the Folkstep”.

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