Marek Łasisz: Easter Island – a journey to the end of the world

April 26, 2022, 18:00
Fama club, 5 Legionowa Street
tickets:  15 PLN, available at the Forum cinema’s box office (5 Legionowa Street), Ludwik Zamenhof Centre’s box office (19 Warszawska Street) and on

Three hundred years ago, the first Europeans saw the coast of an unknown island.It was inhabited by people isolated from the world who created unique works of art – huge stone statues.How were they created, how were they transported? These and other questions were asked by early explorers and generations of researchers. Today we know much more about this island lost in the ocean. Does it really have any secrets yet?

Thanks to an engaging storytelling and many photographs, we will be transported in time and space. We will visit the old stands where proud statues still stand, we will go for a walk to Rano Raraku – the quarry where giants were born. We will look at Anakena Beach, enter the interior of the volcano and reach the highest peak of Easter Island. We will hike through the unique landscape and descend into the caves created by lava. We will also visit the modern town of Hanga Roa and meet its inhabitants.


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