Marek Arcimowicz: The Ghost People

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a striking exhibition within the 7th “Curious about the World” Culture and Travel Festival:

Marek Arcimowicz: The Ghost People

October 20th, 2017, 6 PM – exhibition opening
BCC Gallery, 5 Legionowa Street
free entry
the exhibition is open until November 20th

The Ghost People – this is the name, by which Tanzanians suffering from albinism are known. From birth they live in constant danger of being mutilated or killed, because accordingly to the Tanzanian beliefs, an elixir produced from albino bodies brings happiness and wealth.

“The Ghost People” is an exhibition of photographs that were taken during the production of Martyna Wojciechowska’s documentary with the same title. Most of the pictures were shoot at refuge in Buhangija, Tanzania, where albinoes rejected by the Tanzanian society live at. According to local beliefs, their body parts bring prosperity and happiness, so their arms and legs are being severed and sold on the black market. The albinoes are not safe even within their own families.

Marek Arcimowicz
Born in 1972. He managed to squeeze in a completion of Faculty of Architecture at Wroclaw University of Technology between his consecutive expeditions and “life in a backpack and a camera bag”. Professional photography entered his life during a trip to Tibet in 1994. For a few years he combined the role of a photographer undertaking challenging tasks with that of a design consultant and organizer of specialist sessions in Alpinus – that time the biggest Polish outdoor gear company. Since 2000, he has been continually cooperating on various projects with “National Geographic Poland” He specializes in action, outdoor sports and extreme photography. Since 2014 he has been a cast member of Martyna Wojciechowska’s show “”Woman at the End of the World”. He jokes that his biggest achievement is climbing to the top of Ama Dablam in the Himalayas with a full set of 6×7 camera and lenses in big bag with tripod – „it was harder than a high altitude Sherpa’s work”. Between his expeditions, Marek lives with his wife and two kids and dog in the mountains.

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