Making of Solaris + SOLARIS tape

Making of Solaris

A documentary footage of two-month rehearsals for the play “Solaris “by Latarnia Theatre, which premiered in March this year. We can rehearsals for the performance, interviews with the authors and looking for a stage design.  There is also a record of activities carried out at a crowdfunding portal, during which the group raised money for the panoramic visualization of the performance. The film, in addition to typical making-of material, shows more intimate aspects of the director and actors’ work, their dreams, aspirations and determination.

Making of Solaris – a film by Sebastian Łukaszuk


Music / radio play by Adam Frankiewicz from the Latarnia Theatre play ” Solaris”, based on Stanislaw Lem’s novel. Space idea of ​​sound collage, in contemporary music accentuated by microsampling, led to expanded sound exploration and starting a theatre-inspired Pionierska Records label, specializing in radio plays. This will be the first cassette release in Bialystok in years. The label founders, basing on the achievements and theories of authors from half a century ago (minimalists, improvisers), using modern technology wish to promote unique theatre play releases. “Solaris” by Latarnia Theatre is their production.

We would like the listeners to sit comfortably in their chairs and celebrate the moment of inserting a perfectly released, brand new cassette into the player, and plunge into the depths of the cassette noise and Solaris station cosmic sounds.


video / music / sampling: Adam Frankiewicz

voices – LT team: Monika Kwiatkowska, Błażej Piotrowski, Błażej Twarowski, Mateusz Tymura

graphic design: Sebastian Łukaszuk

technical support: Zbigniew Rusiłowicz


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