MAD for Kids: Teatr Form Niewielkich – The Best Off

UV workshops for children during 31st Modern Art Days Festival!

Teatr Form Niewielkich: “The Best Off”

22 May 2016, 11:00
Fama Club, Legionowa 5
ticket 7 zł (child+adult)

The Best Off (30’)
written and directed by: Małgorzata Sienkiewicz
set design: Marta Szoka, Jolanta Julianna Jackiewicz
starring: Nina Białowieżec, Zofia Kobus, Ewa Chodynicka, Zofia Brzozowska, Weronika Kostko, Lena Szymkiewicz, Amelia Łucejko, Amelia Gogolewska, Rozalia Kasprzak, Kinga Pławska, Anna Perkowska, Justyna Kaźmierczak, Michalina Szutkiewicz, Szymon Cymbor, Kornelia Pankiewicz, Julia Mędrycka, Kamila Szczerbicka, Weronika Kuc, Urszula Sadowska, Julia Huszcza, Maja Roszkowska

What is a fairytale? What distinguishes it from the whole literature? Four etudes – pieces of famous fairy tales (“Hansel and Gretel”, “Cinderella”, “Snow White”, “The Snow Queen”) is an attempt to answer these and other questions. The play was awarded with Golden Miniature at the 16th National Forum of Children Theatres MINIATURE 2015 in Opole, this year it was also nominated for the Festival “Theatre of Champions” in Pacanów.

Teatr Form Niewielkich is the youngest theatre group (ages 5-8) of “Przestrzeń” Foundation, where children become familiar with the basics of working on stage, animating an object, shadow and ultraviolet. They learn joint actions, cooperation, become familiar with the space stage. Children work with the text, learn interpretation and improvisation. They are taught how to build characters and actively contribute to performances.

UV workshops (120′)

The UV workshops after relates to the black theatre which uses ultraviolet light. The participants will make their own animation puppets and set design, and then use them to create a piece of a fairy tale “Snow White”. Attention! Workshop participants must be fully dressed in black (or dark); the clothes should not have any patterns.

Workshops hosted by: Małgorzata Sienkiewicz since 1988 dance and theatre instructor, creator and coordinator of festivals and cultural projects; specialist in the field of shadow theatre and black theatre, takes part in sign language, audio description, social participation trainings; author of theatrical scripts, monodramas and lyrics; eminent culture animator and activist, a scholar of the Marshal of Podlasie in the field of culture.

Workshop co-financed under the scholarship of the Marshal of Podlasie in the field of artistic creation and dissemination of culture and care of monuments.

Photo in the event: Michał Heller




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