MAD for Kids: Shadow workshops

31st Modern Art Days: shadow workshops for children with adults!

22 May 2016,15:00
Fama club, Legionowa 5
ticket 5 zł (child+adult) – registration: phone number 85 746 13 24

Workshops for children of age from 4 to 10 with adults.

Workshops hosted by: Małgorzata Sienkiewicz

Shadow workshops (180′) are based on the theatre of shadows, which uses the human silhouette, form and gesture. Participants will work on a big screen 3.5×5 metres. After learning the basics of working with a shadow, they will create their own short etudes starting with the words “There is a moment when …”.

Małgorzata Sienkiewicz – since 1988 dance and theatre instructor, creator and coordinator of festivals and cultural projects; specialist in the field of shadow theatre and black theatre, takes part in sign language, audio description, social participation trainings; author of theatrical scripts. monodramas and lyrics; eminent culture animator and activist, a scholar of the Marshal of Podlasie in the field of culture.

Workshop co-financed under the scholarship of the Marshal of Podlasie in the field of artistic creation and dissemination of culture and care of monuments.

Event photo: Michał Heller

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