Maciej Białous will give the lecture before the movie and after projection there will be a discution.

Direction: Sudabeh Mortezai

Austria 2014, 93′
Cast: Ramasan Minkailov, Aslan Elbiev, Kheda Gazieva

Although Ramasan is only eleven, is burden with the responsibility of his family. According to Chechen tradition he became a men who is a head of house in which he lives together with his mother and two younger sisters. They live in an unusual house in a Chechen refugee camp – Macondo situated in the Vienna suburbs.

Ramasan speaks fluently German, much better than his mother, and that’s why very often he translates official documents. Aminat’s husband had died after that she left Chechnya. As a single mother she must takes care with children in foreign country. The situation becomes more complicated when in their life appears Isa, who claims to be a friend of late father and husband. Between Aminat and Isa appears something more than friendship. Ramasan becomes convinced that Ramasan might substitut for his died father and then he decides to protect the memory of deceased.


BOK Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury