Ludomir Franczak – The Life and Death of Janina Węgrzynowska

We invite you to a performative installation within the 32nd Modern Art Days Festival:

Ludomir Franczak
The Life and Death of Janina Węgrzynowska

Węglówka, 8 Węglowa Street, a warehouse – the ALPI headquarters
27th and 28th of May

A project on the border of theatre, visual arts, and documentary as a starting point puts the artist, who dedicated her whole life to creation, remaining completely unknown to the broader audience and art community. The people asked about her do not remember much. The documents and works available after her death are remnants of what was scattered since she died. How to tell a story of someone, who defies understanding? How to gather human life and traces that were left by her? What form should it take?

The archive of the works, items, and documents that were left by the artist was the basis of the project. It became the source of knowledge about Węgrzynowska. The performance that resigns from the presence of authors is the final effect.

The project takes on the subject of loneliness, focusing on what is left after death – the excess of items that become troublesome for the heirs. Starting from the person of Węgrzynowska it tells about the experience of every human being. The form of work is close to the artist herself – it is a collage that appropriates the work of others one the one hand , on the other hand – it creates new quality.

idea, directing, execution: Ludomir Franczak
sound: Marcin Dymiter
voices: Irena Jun, Magdalena Franczak
literary composition: Daniel Odija
artistic consultations: Magdalena Franczak
history of art consultations: Hubert Bilewicz
constructions: Sebastian Buczek
model construction: Kamil Stańczak
production: Zbigniew Raszewski Institute, Kaiser Söze Foundation


Ludomir Franczak – Zycie i smierc…_fot_Marcin_Pietrusza


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