Le Flux/ The Flow – performance

Le Flux / (Flow) is a project of artists from Poland, France, Luxembourg, Martinique and Peru.

French premiere was held at the university theatre Paris 8, in April 2014.

The core of the play is rooted in the concept of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus and his thoughts Panta rhei (Everything flows) . The initiator and choreographer of the performance Julia Dondziło intertwines conclusions and reflections with personal experiences. So what attitude does the man take, the man to whom we ascribe development, change and creation of life – the only certain and lasting elements of our existence? How do numerous changes affect our roots, traditions and the birthplace? Attempts to answer these questions come in the form of water – a symbol of flow, change and strength.

Julia Dondziło – the idea, choreographer, director

Miss God – Music

Elvira Horosz – costumes

Maëlle Bertrand – video

Cast: Stéphanie Gineau, Véronique Lemonnier, Colibri Cottier, Assan Beyeck – Rifo, Julia Dondziło


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