Kumulus: Les Squames

21 May 2016
Rynek Kościuszki Square, admission free

The Squames were first discovered in the 1970s. They feed on vegetables, fruit, seeds and roots. They live together in organized hordes, with families grouped together in tribes. These days they live in reserves, kept under observation by eminent ethnologists.
The Squames look like humanoids. Their bodies are the colour of soot, with bloodshot eyes, a thin layer of hair and deformed heads. They walk and behave like primates. You can observe their daily ritual through the bars of a cage.

This theatrical work urges us to question how we view others and how we react to differences, while openly denouncing all different forms of racism. Kumulus offers an eminently political genre of theatre that draws on topical issues, and urges the audience to reflect on the world through varying forms of staging, which hold up a mirror to the downward slide of a modern society gone astray.

“This production aims to excite curiosity and get people talking in the street. And there is no denying that The Squames is a performance which manages to do precisely that.” (Françoise Limoge – Le Monde)

Premiere in 1988.

a show by Barthélemy Bompard
artistic direction: Bompard Barthélemy and Claude Meister
performed by Armelle Bérengier, Dominique Bettenfeld, Eric Blouet, Barthélemy Bompard, Jean-Pierre Charron, Céline Damiron, Marie-Pascale Grenier, Thibault Lapeyre, Dominique Moysan, Nicolas Quilliard, Judith Thiébaut & Amy Wood.
make-up designer: Isabelle Darde
costume designer: Claire Salmon-Legagneur
set designer: Frédéric Barry




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