Korniag Theatre (BY): The Latent Men

Korniag Theatre (Belarus)
„The Latent Men”
22 May 2016, 20:30
Bialystok Puppet Theatre, Kalinowskiego str. 1, tickets 15/25 zl

The performance is intendend for audience aged 16 years and over.

Meeting with the artists after the performance hosted by Konrad Szczebiot

A story of the modern world painful phenomena – biological and cultural gender related phobias, sexual frustrations as well as crisis of masculinity and traditional image of the “real man”. These taboo topics are like blows aimed at “reality-escaping” aesthetics, so dominant in Belarusian theatres. The behaviour of characters on stage differs from standard social behaviour. We just see archetypal men and women. Physiology of a naked body shows a man excluded from civilization, who is genuine. Women are hyperactive. Their behaviour and appearance show us that well-established social and cultural standards are rather pathological. They feed on vulgarity, aggression and violence. On the other hand, men are infantile and totally passive. Their physicality and mentality do not fit the “real man” – strong and aggressive macho. Social immaturity and helplessness of the characters is clearly visible and leads to absurdity.

Korniag THEATRE- independent Belarusian theatre, founded by Yevgeny Korniag, which consists of young Belarusian artists and actors.  They experiment with light, sound, motion and emotions.

We recommend workshops with founder of the theatre Yevgeny Kоrniag (20 May, ARTEA studio).

Directed by: Jewgienij Korniag
Set design: Tatiana Nersisian
Music: Nikita Zolotar, Jewgienij Korniag
Produced by: Marina Daszuk
Starring: Grażyna Bykowa, Swietłana Anikiej, Julia Werhowskaja, Igor Szugalejew, Iwan Strelcow, Andrej Nowik, Pawel Terehow, Nikita Bondarenko








Korniag Theatre

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